Wednesday 19 March 2008

Six degrees of separation #27

So the Heroes Edition has been on the go for a bit now and it did elicit 2 successful responses. The anonymous first answer in five followed by Simon (a six degrees regular) nailing it in three: Ali Larter to Luke Wilson in Legally Blonde, Luke to Brother Owen in The Royal Tenenbaums. Owen to mcdowell i spy. There is always value in linking the Wilson brothers.

I also got it in three moves, like so:
1. Ali Larter to Scott Caan in Varsity Blues (hee-hee); 2. Caan to Topher Grace in Oceans 11; and 3. Grace to Malcolm McDowell in In Good Company.

Back to a straight link up this week:
#27 - Donald Sutherland to Jamie Lee Curtis


evilkiwi said...

Sutherland to Ian Mckellan in Six Degrees of Separation (snerk) Mckellan to Elijah Wood in LOTR trilogy, Wood to Linsay 'Lilo trainwreck' Lohan in Bobby, and Lohan to Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

CK said...

Well Sutherland and Curtis were both in 'Virus' but in the spirit of the game - Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies) - Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton (Terminator) - Hamilton and Pierce Brosnan (Dante's Peak) and Brosnan and Curtis in the Tailor of Panama.