Thursday 1 May 2008

Movie review: 21

It's not too often that you go to a movie which totally fits your mood, particularly one which you go to on a whim. Well, last Saturday afternoon 21 was just that for me.
Cast brilliantly, this is another example of the excellence of Kevin Spacey as a producer. In 21 he renews his partnership with Kate Bosworth who plays across from newcomer Jim Sturgess and the always excellent Lawrence Fishburne.
Based on the true story 'Bringing down the house' the plot is a simple tale of the MIT students who, led by their wily lecturer (Spacey), perfected card counting and took on the Vegas casinos.
Overall the film was refreshing and well made. Only one slightly formulaic segment of the "lose old friends because of new friends" variety. That aside the audience was treated to a sharp and witty piece of cinema.
The pace is suitably quick once the scene is set. The story jumps from Las Vegas' neon glow to the more mundane classroom life in Boston. The casino scenes are sharp and the detail surrounding the blackjack tables and card counting is both impressive and accurate. Even if cards is not your forte 21 is a must see.

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