Monday 25 June 2007

Au Revior Thierry

Yesterday's news that Thierry Henry was definitely leaving Arsenal signalled the end of an era for the north London club. No matter who you support on Saturday afternoons, his talent is undeniable and his departure is a loss to the Premiership.

For the past 8 years Henry has tormented defences and scored goal after goal of sublime quality. As a Liverpool fan I know better than most the damage this man could do.

I must admit to not liking him however. Part of that is down to wanting him playing for my team, but mostly it was his arrogance, which he wore without apology. The same high nosed Frenchness which made me hate Cantona before him.

His departure could be an ominous start to the season for Arsenal. They are now in a similar position to Liverpool in that they have to buy big. Most likely they will be competing for the same players. If they do go head to head I suspect the team that wins out will be the one hanging on the coat-tails of Chealsea and Man Utd.

For the other, there could be a very long season ahead.

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