Tuesday 21 August 2007

Ref rage

I suspect I'm not alone in my unhappiness at the standard of refereeing on display during the first two weeks of the Premiership season. Quite frankly some of the decision this past weekend have been laughable.
Topping the list must be Rob Styles who had an absolute stinker at Anfield on Sunday. The phantom penalty incident and the seemingly random waving of yellow cards, have earned him at least a week away from top flight action.
Quite frankly, if his punishment was to be made referee a Sunday league game, the only people to suffer would be the teams involved in that match.
Not to be out done however, the officials at the Fulham V Middlesborough game were responsible for the worst 'was it over the line' decision since Roy Carroll got away with dragging the ball out from the back of his own net as a Man Utd player.
Middlesborough may feel some justice was done following the goal that wasn't, which was awarded against them at West Ham.
It's a tough job being a ref and I don't criticise for the sake of it. As a Liverpool fan I'm pretty miffed about the way that a bad decision turned a game. Chelsea were not going to score on Sunday. The question must be asked as to how can we minimise these all too frequent errors. Goal line technology is one definite option and clear cut in its application.
Penalty decisions are a bit more difficult. I don't know what the assistant referee was doing but he must have had a good view. Perhaps referees should have to consult with their assistant prior to awarding a penalty.
One thing though. Those who say video technology will slow the game are wrong. There was more time lost through players arguing with the ref/ each other than it takes for Sky to replay the incident. Worth some thought I think.

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