Monday 15 October 2007

Classic Movies #2: The Birdcage

How did I miss this all these years?!?
The Birdcage was on last week and I sat down to watch it with the missus. She had seen it and seemed eager to watch it again. I had heard the name but new little other than that Robin Williams was in the cast.

And what a treat I was in for. Williams was sublime as the gay nightclub owner whose son is marrying (Calista Flockhart) the daughter of a conservative Senator, played by Gene Hackman. The young couple decide to hide the fact that the groom's father is gay, meaning they need to hide Williams flamboyant, cross-dressing partner, played by Nathan Lane.

This movie bears more than a passing resemblance to Some Like it Hot, but it's not just the cross-dressing. The comedy is frantic at times, slapstick at others. The stuffy Hackman is hilariously unaware at times, while the house maid, played by Hank Azaria is nothing short of genius. Lane however, steals the show, not least the scenes where Williams is trying to 'butch him up' before the in-laws arrive.

An excellent and entertaining watch and worth a place in any collection. If you ain't seen it go get it.


CK said...

Hey Yednnek,I haven't seen 'the Birdcage' either, and I flicked past it the night you guys must have been watching it. I'm sorry now I didn't stop.

Yednnek said...

Well worth the watch. I didn't expect aything from it though, and that usually ends up with being pleasantly surprised.