Friday 19 October 2007

Time being called for Stan???

So, the FAI have called an emergency board meeting for this Sunday. Things don't look good for Steve Staunton's future as Irish manager, although I won't lose any sleep over it to be honest.

I'm not counting my chickens either. The way the FAI operate I wouldn't be surprised if they were issuing a supporting statement for the beleaguered boss. I must again mention my disgust at John Delaney's 'leadership'.
How much of a langer is Delaney making a statement like this about a 72 year-old with a bad medical history and a 36 year old who never managed a thing in his life. "I would not see the appointment of Steve Staunton and Bobby Robson as the management team as much of a gamble."
And then he tries to turn the attention away from himself saying, in a BBC online piece, "It's unfortunate that I've been personally linked to the appointment."
Newsflash John, you are supposed to be the CEO!!
Anyway, even though I do have some sympathy for Stan, I think the picture sums it all up!

PS - That FAI board meeting now looks set to go ahead today (Tuesday, 23/10), definitley before the end of the week. A chance for Delaney wash his hands of his own mistakes and blame everyone else.

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