Monday 14 January 2008

Bang out of order, Hicks!

Owner-manager relations at Anfield are at risk of deteriorating again after Tom Hicks admitted he and George Gillett had spoken to Jurgen Klinsman about becoming Liverpool boss. It is appalling that they cannot keep these matters in-house, where they belong.

I'd hate to see Rafa go and fear that perhaps they are trying to draw Rafa into a verbal slagging match - looking for a final excuse to sack him. Unfortunately I fear Rafa's position may be untenable anyway, given what's gone before.

The state of their finances should be a much bigger concern to them with DIC waiting in the wings of they fail to re-finance their loans in the next six weeks. Rafa might be there a lot longer than the two of them!
Carra provided the voice of reason today, echoing what a lot of fans think when he said: "The sooner we are out of the press the better because it's not the
Liverpool way. The quicker that happens the better."

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