Wednesday 9 January 2008

Comeback Clinton (part 2)

The New Hampshire primaries last night have set up a royal battle as we edge closer to Super Tuesday. John McCain has blown the Republican race wide open, dealing a serious blow to Mitt Romney's ambitions in the process.
The big story of the night was again the Democratic ballot which saw Clinton recover from her third place in Iowa and a supposed double digit deficit, to win the state with 39% of the vote. We may also be seeing the shift to a two-horse race in the Democratic camp as Clinton and Obama both out-performed john Edwards by better than 2 to 1.
Even Arnie Arnesen was lost for an explanation for this remarkable turn around:
Obama scored well also and will not be too disappointed with his 36% result. Below is a clip from his speech in Nashua, where despite looking tired, he spoke passionately. This is the side of Obama that makes him a viable contender in November

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