Friday 7 November 2008

Liverpool Legend: John Barnes

A friend alerted me to the Rio Ferdinand article on the BBC website, in which he picks his all time home grown XI. Picking himself is a bit rubbish and aside from the fact Roy Keane was 20 when he signed from Cobh Ramblers for Cloughie's Nottingham Forest and is therefore not exactly home grown, it's an excellent team.
The thing that really grabbed my attention was the description of John Barnes, who was my favourite player as a youngster. For anyone who questions Barnes' genius, I direct them to the youtube clip below. The skills he had we immense and when comparing to modern wingers, the diabolical surfaces should definitely be taken into account.

From that clip I couldn't help but indulge myself by watching the Match of the Day clip from the 1988/89 season when they ran a Liverpool only Goal of the Season competition. It's completely partisan, but it brings back some of my early football memories, from a time when Liverpool were a supremely confident team.

Here's hoping Rafa can continue the journey to bring those days back, with a new contract this month.

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