Thursday 12 July 2007

End of the road for the PDs?

After over twenty years in the Irish political landscape the writing looks to be on the wall for the PDs, following Tom Parlon's resignation from the party . The party has been through a tumultuous time in the past few months. The general election in May saw the party lose six of eight seats - most notably that of Tanaiste Michael McDowell and senior minister Liz O'Donnell. Both of these figures have since hung up their political boots.
The decision of Mr. Parlon has come as quite a shock as he had been widely tipped to be the next leader of the party. His addition to the PD line-up in 2002, was seen as a major coup and he romped to a seat in Laois-Offaly before taking up a position as Minister for State in that government.
Former leader and founding member Mary Harney is acting leader at present, but one has to wonder if re-merging with Fianna Fail - the party from whom they split in 1985 - is the most likely scenario. It would certainly make sense given that Harney has retained her position as Minister for Health, but there may be personal or historic reasons which mitigate against this.
It is evident from the past three coalition governments that the PDs and Fianna Fail are politically compatible. So why not?

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