Tuesday 24 July 2007

New season on the horizon

It's that time again, having survived the last two months with only the Copa America to entertain us, the new Premiership season is just around the corner. And I can't wait!
With most of the big clubs concluding their transfer activity and emails flying about setting up your fantasy team, the build-up has well and truly begun. All of the big teams seem to be getting in some good pre-season action, too - all the while trying to avoid injury before the first day of the season.
I think Liverpool are going to be much closer to the top two this year (I know! you've heard it all before) and might mount a real challenge. Arsenal will need some Wenger magic and players like van Persie and Fabregas to take the lead if they are to hang on to the coat-tails of the other three.
If they fail in this they could find themselves in an interesting battle with Spurs, Everton, Newcastle, Bolton and maybe even Villa for the last Champions League place. Reading, West Ham, Blackburn, Pompey and Man City should be in the mid table positions.
Of the new boys, you have to think Sunderland are best equipped to do a Reading, but I think Derby and Birmingham will struggle and end up battling it out with Fulham, Wigan and possibly even Boro.
Sound good? I think so too!

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