Monday 16 July 2007

Ordem e progresso

"Order and Progress" is the translation of the text on the Brazilian flag. Not what you generally expect from Brazil on the football pitch, but certainly what was in use last night as they beat Argentina 3-0 to retain the Copa America title.
Dunga will be waking up with a big smile on his face this morning. Just a few weeks ago he was the most unpopular man in Brazil and his team weren't expected to do particularly well in the tournament.
Without the flair of Kaka and Ronaldihno - who thought a holiday was more important than the national team - the flat-topped one produced a coaching masterclass in organisation and discipline and reaped his reward.
I suspect Roberto Ayala will want to forget the night but once Baptista shot past him from the opener and Riquelme hit the post, his o.g. sealed the fate of the Argentinians. I doubt too many would argue that the best team on the night - if not through the tournament - won out.

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