Monday 19 November 2007

Arcade Fire

I got Funeral form a guy I worked with almost three years age and loved it instantly. I'm surprised myself that it then took me until this weekend gone, to get to see the band live. But it was definitely worth the wait.
The Alexandra Palace in North London is a bit of a trek but the band acknowledged the efforts of the 6,000 strong crowd and the farcical beer token system was about the only black mark on the night.
When the band hit the stage all thoughts of beer tokens were quickly forgotten as they dived straight in with the opening two tracks off Neon Bible, Black Mirror and Keep the car running, before cooling off with a couple of slower tracks, including The Smiths' Still Ill.
Playing their way through the hits of Funeral and Neon Bible the band played with incredible energy and their own unique, orchestral sound. I'm always impressed by bands who play a wide array of instruments and loved the way the band members interchanged positions and instruments throughout the gig.
The encore was a perfect close, comprised of Intervention and Wake Up. And the crowd, which had been a it quiet earlier, were left begging for more.
I'm not one of those people who holds up a mobile to film half the gig I'm at but someone else did it for me and I pinched it off youtube! So here is No Cars Go and a slightly fuzzy Wake Up from Saturday night.

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