Saturday 24 November 2007

Perfect end to a tough week for Rafa

Rafa Benitez and his team came through a turbulent week with a three goal demolition of a sorry Newcastle United today. Gerrard opened the scoring with a scorching free kick, to quiet the boos of the home fans following England's midweek failure.
In the post match interview the inevitable question was asked and Rafa wasn't shying away from it, saying that the owners didn't understand the nature of football transfers and the urgency which is needed to secure the players you want in the short transfer window. There is a bit of a worry that Rafa will play this card once too often.
The owners are right in saying they backed Rafa this summer with funds, but the reality is that Liverpool are still short one or two players to be a championship winning side, in particular another centre back. If Rafa gets a centre back, secures the long-term future of Mascherano and keeps Torres fit, then Liverpool will be there right to the end.
But back to tonight's interview. While Rafa seemed magnanimous explaining a cultural misunderstanding for the weeks drama, he still got a dig in at the Americans saying he was going to concentrate on his team winning more games "for his fans".
Truth is, I think he's right - Liverpool fans want Rafa to stay and there are still some doubts over the way Hicks and Gillett are running the club. As a fan myself I worry about them spending so little time in the UK and the fact that nothing seems to be able to progress without them.
Another couple of wins before the two owners return will put Rafa in a strong negotiating position as well as putting the team in a strong position in the league. So heads down from coach and players, get the points on the board and worry about the transfer funds when something can be done about it.

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