Tuesday 12 February 2008

The never-ending strike ... coming to an end?

It seems we may have light at the end of the tunnel, for the Cork players/ county board dispute. The county board have agreed to a binding arbitration, from an independent official appointed by LRC chief executive Kieran Mulvey.
This is a clever move by the board and can benefit them in two ways:
  1. If the arbitration suggests the removal of Teddy Holland from his position as Senior football manager, then their hands are clean and they have not gone back on their appointment.
  2. If the players do not also agree to the arbitration, it is likely the tide of public support may begin to wane, as it will appear the players want the conflict to continue.
From the players perspective they have a bit more to think about. If they agree to it - and a decision is expected later today - they may face a year of Holland in charge of the football team. This would be a troubling prospect and one which could have further repercussions during the season.
My sympathy has been with the players for the simple reason that a patch-work management team will lead inevitably to divided dressing room. The coach is the one who takes the blame and needs control of his entire squad (playing and coaching) in order to get things done.
These players play to win. The results are their to be seen in both codes in recent years. So lets give them the stable footing they need and deserve - and get the rebels back on the field again.

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