Wednesday 27 February 2008

So, what's Paco been up to?

The loss of Paco Ayesteran has been present in almost every forum / blog discussing the 'where did it all go wrong this season?' question.
John Aldridge amongst others is convinced that the loss of Paco has been a crucial point in the poor consistency of the team:

“A lot of people are getting the wrong idea of what’s happening. You can look back to when Paco Ayesteran went a couple of months ago, Rafa’s right-hand man, I think that’s got a massive bearing on it.

“He’s holding the fort on his own without a right-hand man. He’s working very hard on his own and under very difficult circumstances and I think he needs a bit of help right now.”

A lot of the same names come up as a possible no.2, Sammy Lee returning is one and Gary Mac is a big fans favourite. I'm not sure this is a route Rafa wants to go down. But what about a reconciliation with Paco??

I was surprise to learn that Paco was the Director of Football at Real Sociedad since January this year and more surprised to learn that he had already left the post when it became apparent the club President was going to be the one making decisions on Chris Coleman's replacement.

The reasons behind Paco's departure seem to have been well protected in the months since, so maybe I'm grasping at straws. It would be pretty great though .

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