Saturday 22 September 2007

Change it up Eddie

Following the French defeat, Eddie O'Sullivan has now no choice but to overhaul his struggling team. He could realistically make anything from 6 to 12 changes and he needs to, as his team looked tired and devoid of ideas last night. At least there was some heart and commitment on show, following the opening games.
The Argentinians will provide a very different challenge next week for the men in green. I think it's time to go horses for courses, keep the game tight in the first half and try to control the game better than they did last night. Essentially we need to do to the Pumas, what the French did to us.
For that I want a big, heavy pack to protect the ball (it will inevitably be slower ball) and backs to take the ball moving forward. Sheahan, S.Best, O'Kelly, Quinlan and N.Best to come in for Horan, Flannery, either lock could go and both flankers. In the backs take out Dempsey and D'arcy. Perhaps RoG needs a break too, but I worry about Wallace's lack of experience at #10, both for Ulster and Ireland.
That said my team is:
15. Murphy,
14. Carney, 13. O'Driscoll, 12. Horgan, 11. Trimble/ Hickie
10. O'Gara/ Wallace, 9. Reddan
8. Leamy, 7. N.Best, 6. Quinlan
5. O'Connell, 4. O'Kelly
3. Hayes, 2. Flannery, 1. S.Best
Subs ( big role to be played here):
16. R. Best, 17. Horan, 18. O'Callaghan, 19. Easterby
20. Stringer, 21. O'Gara/ Wallace, 22. Duffy

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