Monday 3 September 2007

Sly cats win #30

Kilkenny cruised to a 30th All-Ireland hurling title yesterday, dispatching a game Limerick side at Croke Park, by 2-19 to 1-15. Truth be told the game was settled after 12 minutes as the Cats had racked up an impressive 2-3 to no score lead. Limerick managed three unanswered points in the next five minutes but the rest of the half was fairly even, meaning the cats lead by double scores at the half.
It could all have been so different though. I for one did not particularly agree with Ger Loughnane’s suggestion that Kilkenny are a dirty team. By in large I think they go out to hurl – unlike some teams Loughnane managed. In the opening exchanges of yesterday’s final however, he was proved right.
Eddie Brennan – who went on to score 1-5 and claim 'man of the match' – should have been sent off in those opening moments for the dangerous and callous use of the stick on Limerick full back Stephen Lucey. Shortly after, he also connected with corner-back Seamus Hickey. Again, he went unpunished.
Though little was made of this at the time, it could have been a major turning point in the game.
From there however, the game was done and those incidents aside the Cats were deserving winners, adding a nice touch by dedicating the win to the memory of Vanessa McGarry.
30 each for Cork and Kilkenny – Odds on that final next year???

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Yednnek said...

Richie Bennis made some comments in today's Examiner on the issues with Kilkenny's use of the stick and if you ask mne he was far to generous to Kilkenny -