Friday 21 September 2007

Disappointing night for Irish

The France v Ireland pool match is just over and it made tough watching for fans of the team in green. The French were well worth their win although maybe not by 22 points. It finished 25-3 after two excellent tries from Vincent Clerc on the right wing.

I'm expecting to see lots of negativity on the forums and blogs tomorrow, and lots of calls for Eddie O'Sullivan's head. I'd like to see people be realistic though and accept that we were beaten by a better team. The only thing we could have done better was to keep our discipline and make a few better choices when we were within 30 yards of the French line (which was more than once). Eddie can't stop his players conceding penalties or making bad decisions, no matter what some will say.

Finally, I'll remind people that prior to the tournament the vast majority of people expected us to lose to France and beat Argentina to qualify from the group. While the Georgia and Namibia games have dented our confidence and chances (having missed a bonus point), lets wait until next weekend to make our final judgements.

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