Monday 10 September 2007

Sorry Ireland add to Northern hemisphere woes

All six of the major northern hemisphere teams have a lot to do, following an awful opening weekend in the 2007 rugby world cup. Scotland Wales and England all managed less than convincing wins following the defeat of France by the hungry Pumas.
Seeing Argentina beat the hosts should have been a tonic for the boys in green, but instead they were arguably the worst of the lot - England might just nick that award for failing to gain a bonus point versus the USA.
Eddie O'Sullivan was frank as always in his assessment and while the buck often stops with the coach I disagree in this instance. No coach should be held responsible for his team - of supposed professionals - being incapable of even holding the ball. I lost count of the number of Irish knock-ons early in the second half.
This team knows how to play and knows how to win. It is inexplicable how they could perform so badly against a team of part-timers.
I think a number of changes are needed for the Georgia game for two reasons; 1. to rest up the key men before playing France and Argentina in consecutive weeks and 2. to give the reserves a chance to stake their claim and raise the competition for places within the squad.
I'd bring in Flannery who I still think is our best hooker, S. Best at prop, N.Best and Quinlan in the back row. The pack will still be strong at this.
In the backs, Murphy at FB, Horgan and Carney in the three-quarters, but most importantly a run out for a new half back combination. Wallace needs a game under his belt or he'll struggle if he has to replace RoG at short notice, also I'd play Reddan. He's a Heineken Cup winner and the natural successor to Stringer.
That said my 15 for the Georgia game:
15. Murphy
14. Carney
13. Horgan
12. D'Arcy
11. Trimble
10. Wallace
9. Reddan
8. Leamy
7. Quinlan
6. N.Best
5. O'Connell
4. O'Kelly
3. Hayes
2. Flannery
1. S.Best


Yednnek said...

Eddie O sullivans coments in the press today suggest he will play a similar team against Georgia.
Now we run the risk of tiring out our key players. Let's hope he makes 3/4 changes at least.

Yednnek said...

Unfortunately Eddie has only made 1 change. Horgan for Trimble.